Robotics & Control systems is a branch of engineering science that deals with all aspects of robot's design, operation and control. Robotics is an interdisciplinary area of study between engineering and computer science. The key aim of robotics is to produce, computer programmable machines, that can do tasks with more speed and precision. Control systems help to control the movements and functions of the robot. The objectives of this course are as follows:
➼ To provide basic technical skills for Robotics & Control
➼ To learn and implement Robotics & Control algorithms
➼ To introduce important application areas of Robotics & Control such as transporting heavy things (in logistic management), automated manufacturing, self-driving cars, and unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.
➼ To impart necessary research and technical writing skills
➼ To implement end-to-end hands-on Robotics & Control projects

➼ Strong theoretical foundation of the fundamental concepts by professors & researchers from IITs, IIITs, NITs, and other institutes of international repute. 

➼ Hands-on coding practice and project development in guidance of Industry experts, Research Scholars and Top-level programmers.

➼ Regular interaction, assignments, quizzes, and evaluations.

➼ Networking opportunity with participants reputed institutes and industries.

➼ Opportunity to work on end-to-end projects and assistance in resume, portfolio building.

➼ A chance to publish research papers and participate in international conferences.

➼ Continuous assistance during the course and after that, lifetime access to the learning material, including Slides, software, codes, and other resources.

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By the end of this certification course, the participants should be able to:

➼ Possess essential programming skills for Robotics & Control

➼ Understand the basic know-how about Robotics & Control

➼ Understand a wide variety of Robotics & Control algorithms

➼ Understand how to pre-process the data and evaluate the models generated from data 

➼ Apply these algorithms to real-life problems, communicate their results in technical reports

Moreover, they will also acquire a course competition certificate on completing the assigned project. 

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  • Course Fee ₹18000
  • Course Duration 40+ hours
  • Register Before 2024-07-31
  • Eligibility Criteria Reinforcement Learning
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